Organizational Structure For A Television Station

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Having organizational structure for a television station can make your either easier, stress free, or both and can be helpful in the long run. For major networks like Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS there has to be some sort of structure going on that keeps yours favorite channels up and running. Some roles that help keep the structure of television station would be the general manager, engineering, production manager, news director, and your sales manager.
General Manager is the main person in charge also referred to as the chief executive officer for the television station. As a general manager of a television station you are the one who decides to hire and fire staff members, supervises the programming, having budgets for the television station, also setting policies for the human resources. They are the ones who have the final say in making decisions that have to do with the television stations production work and programming.
Production manager’s you are responsible for organizational features of the productions budgeting along with scheduling. They are to make sure that all productions are running smoothly, making sure the station stays within the budget, and meeting all deadlines. A production manager sort of covers everything for television production meaning lighting, documentaries, soaps, and even programs for the children. They help with preparing for either script breakdowns or schedules for the production. In addition, this helps when confirming enough time that has…

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