Organizational Structure: Google Case Study

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Formal structures are unnecessary where there are small work group and frequent face-to-face communication, however, it may be useful to larger organizations in terms of decision making regarding the delegation of different tasks. Because of that, there are several of established procedures in assigning the responsibilities for different functions. Those are the decision determining the structures of organization. In every organization, the responsibilities of the employees are defined in regards to what they do, and to who they report to. Organizations which has the best organizational structures depends on factors such as the work it does, the size of the organization in regards to the employees, the revenue as well as, the geographical dispersion of the facilities. This paper therefore describes the structure of a selected organization comparing and contrasting it with other two different organizations, evaluating their organizational functions as marketing and operations and lastly describing its design. Most of the organizations are designed and structured in a manner it can best meet its needs and goals. How most organizations are setup are sometimes directly to impact the organization successfulness in achieving the set goals. If the Organization fails to have an appropriate organizational structure, it…

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