Organizational Structure Of A Business

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The organizational structure of a business is the framework that is conducted to keep the business running efficiently. This structure is made up of different departments, products, divisions or geographies that work together to create revenue from its resources. The framework depicts how these levels of organization should work. Organizational structure provides a business with instructions on how it must proceed to become successful and in case a problem arises. Many times these structures have a hierarchy chain in which decisions are made and labor is done. Some structures are more efficient than others in terms of not having too many layers within the firm so that decisions can be made and issues can be resolved in a much faster pace. A structure also brings members of the business together, gives them an identity and provides a meaning of self worth for the business. This encourages the team members to work towards the firm’s goals together. Proper and efficient organizational structures are vital for running a business. Departments and functions are what mainly operate the True Religion, Inc. firm. This business “operates in four primary business segments: U.S. Consumer Direct, International, U.S. Wholesale, and Core Services, (“True Religion Apparel, Inc. (TRLG)” 1). Although True Religion, Inc. uses raw materials, such as denim, from international sources, such as the Japan, Turkey and Italy, they are indirectly purchased through contracted manufacturers within the
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