Organizational Structure Of A Global Economy

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Organizations are successful for different reasons. However, the backbone of those successful organizations can be broken-down into a few key characteristics. This paper will discuss these elements and how those characteristics help promote successful business in a global economy. There may be no one right way to create an effective organization, however, there are key components in which all effective and successful organizations will incorporate in some way. This paper will explore organizational structure in regards to a global economy, as well as, communication strategies, principles of effective management practices, processes for decision-making and problem solving, and finally leadership strategies that can be implemented in a business that is operating in a global economy. Organizational Structure While organizational structures may differ, all successful organizations have a set structure in which they operate. In the past hierarchal organizations were most common, however, are becoming less effective as technology, and constant change is so prevalent in the business world. Modern organizational structures are becoming flatter. This means that while there is a hierarchal component to business structure, there is a level of communication that is more open and free flowing. Information and ideas do not always come from the top down, in many instances, information and idea flow can now move from the ground up or in other various directions. The hierarchal
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