Organizational Structure Of A Successful Business

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A well designed organizational business structure is considered to be the heartbeat of a successful business today. The organizational structure is the foundation for every compartment within a business. Everything from the number of employees, to the titles and positions for each employee, the policies and procedures of how the business with operate, and who will report to who. The organizational structure is to help with the uncertainties.
Management should have a sense of how each position operates and what the main functions will be within the organization. Also, there should be a measureable model in place, to evaluate each employee over a certain period of time. Management should also have a complete and up to date handbook of all the rules and policies within the business. These policies protect the business from possible lawsuits along the way.
Also, organizational business structures help in the avoidance of “conflict”, which is an expressed struggle between two interdependent parties who perceive in compatible goals scarce resources and interference from the other party in achieving their goals [Ronald B. Adler. Lawrence B. Rosenfeld, Russell F. Proctor, II, Interplay, The Process of Interpersonal Communication, 2010].
There are two models of organizational design that is discussed in Chapter 16 of our textbook, Organizational Behavior & Management; the two models are Mechanistic and Organic organizational designs. The mechanistic model is noticed the
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