Organizational Structure Of A Traditional Organization Essay

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This analysis may be from recent literature or gathered from an actual organization!!! 1. Analyze the overall functional structure of a traditional organization (including its business strategy) utilizing the machine metaphor. good understanding of: The importance of organizational structure and the concept of the “boundaryless” organization in implementing strategies. The growth patterns of major corporations and the relationship between a firm’s strategy and its structure. Each of the traditional types of organizational structure: simple, functional, divisional, and matrix The relative advantages and disadvantages of traditional organizational structure The different types of boundaryless organizations—barrier-free, modular, and virtual—and their relative advantages and disadvantages 2. Evaluate the organization 's functions (marketing, operations, finance, and so on) and its values and principles from a mechanistic frame. Demands may be placed on owner/ manager to obtain and process information to run business Owners generally are not skilled in all specialties Accounting Engineering Production Marketing Found where there is a single or closely related product or service, high production volume, and some vertical integration Advantages: Enhanced coordination and control Centralized decision making Enhanced organizational-level perspective More efficient use of managerial and technical talent Facilitated career paths and development in specialized areas
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