Organizational Structure Of An Effective Organization

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In today 's complex organizations, there are different factors that influence their effectiveness. These factors include processes, capabilities and structure that help to accomplish the organization 's vision, mission and goals, which must all work aligned to accomplish excellence. An effective organization must have balance and strength in different areas. In the following research paper, we will discuss those areas in detail. These areas include the organization structure of an effective organization, the best the communication strategies to send the different messages across the company, the effective process for decision-making and problem-solving. Additionally, we will explore the process for effective management as well as a valid approach of leadership that contribute to achieve excellence in our current complex organization environments.
Components of an Effective Organizational Structure
The organizational structure in a company has a highly impact in a large number of organizational activities and behaviors. The term organizational structure is described as the manner in which daily tasks and activities are formally separated, classified and coordinated within a company (Islam, Jasimuddin & Hasan, 2015). The design of organizational structure regularly defines the way a company can adapt to changes in internal and external environments and, as a consequence, the design of an organizational structure influences greatly to the competitiveness and effectiveness of
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