Organizational Structure Of An Organization

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introduction This report is going to concentrate on the structure of an organization because, like Jay Lorsch said: organization structure is management’s formal and explicit attempts to indicate to organizational members what is expected of them. In his words, ‘this was management’s attempt to draw a map of whom they want to do what’ (Lorsch, 1977, p. 3) .So a mature and scientific organizational structure is an essential factor that a successful organization requires. I got an internship in a law office in Guangzhou, China last winter vacation so I had the chance to comprehend the mode of operation of the law office. This law office is called the “GREANLEAF LAW FIRM” and it is one of the largest law firms in Guangzhou with over 200 lawyers working in this forum. This firm has been established for over thirty years since 1985 and got all kinds of rewards from the government. I was working for one of the partners in the law office so I had an online interview with him lately to get insight into the structure of this firm and I made a questionnaire to gather the staff’s feeling about their job and opinion about the company organization. Also, I did my observation during the internship about how the whole company operating. Basically these are my major research method I have used to investigate this law office. body This firm has implemented the business style organization. However, according to the law of advocate, a law office cannot have either shareholders nor
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