Organizational Structure Of An Organization Essay

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At least two different organizational structures are identified, described, and compared in terms of their design principles.
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1. Organisational Structure – It is a structure which is used to elaborate ranking in an organisation. It is also define as an organizational structure which defines how activities such as task portion, division and guidance are directed towards the achievement of organizational purposes.

2. There are different types of organisational structures. Two of them are Organic and Mechanistic.
Organic - An organic organisation is a kind of casual association represented by English scholars Tom burns and George Stalker. As indicated by Blazes and Stalker, a natural association is one that is especially changeable and has the capacity adjust well to changes. Its structure is special as having little employment activity, few layers of administration, decentralized choice making and very little direct supervision.
Mechanistic – A mechanistic organisation is an idea grew by English scholars Tom Burns and G.M. Stalker in their work titled "the management of innovation" (1961). As indicated by them, qualities of a mechanistic organisation mix a high level of learned many-sided quality, solution and concentration.
3. Differentiation between Organic and Mechanistic structures
Mechanistic Organic
Individual specialization:
In this, employees mostly works separately on one task Joint Specialization:
In this , employees
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