Organizational Structure Of Apple Inc

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Overview of Apple Company
Apple Inc. is one of the biggest multinational companies of electronics and software founded on 1976 April 1, by Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak, in California, America. The products of Apple are personal computers, portable media players, mobile phones, computer software, computer hardware and accessories of computer and mobile. The retail store of Apple is The Apple Store; it is owned and managed by Apple Inc., which are located in different countries. And also they are selling their product by stores online. It can download Music, audio books, iPod games, music videos, television programs, and movies from iTunes Store on Mac or Windows computers, and on the iPod and iPhone. IPhone, apple computer, iPod are the popular product of appeal. …show more content…

In the case of Apple, organizational structure is contributing to successful innovation of the company. An organizational structure of a company can make opportunities for development of business. Nevertheless, it can also charge limits on how the company progress. In the Apple Inc, they use mainly the traditional hierarchy of the organizational structure, with some important components from organizational structure of other. The success of the Apple is connected to Steve Jobs innovation and leadership, but organizational structure has a role for providing assist for such leadership. But later after Stevejobs, now apple is under Tim Cook, Apple has made some little modification in its organizational structure to adapt demand of market and industry.
The organizational structure of Apple is efficient in helping performance of performance to establish leadership in the industry. Nevertheless, more changes in this organizational structure can assist progress Apple’s efficiency, particularly in the section of speed and creative innovation and design.

Features of Organizational Structure of

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