Organizational Structure Of Boston Pizza International Inc

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Research Project on Organizational Structure and Design of Boston Pizza International Inc. Submitted To Dr. Ghassem Zarbi Master of Administrative Science (MAS) Theory and practice of administration (MADS 6600_V2) Fairleigh Dickinson University- Vancouver Campus Spring Semester, 2015. Prepared by: Chenqu Zhang Eman Ahmed Latha Dabir Naresh Shivakumar Yeyu Ding Abstract The food industry in Canada, with its highly competitive market…show more content…
It is this mix of key factors that has empowered Boston Pizza to serve a bigger number of clients in a greater number of areas than many other full-service restaurants in Canada (BP International Inc., 2014). Background Authoritative structure and outline help organizations to comprehend themselves and in a perfect world to cooperate to perform all the assignments and accomplish all the objectives of an organization. Frequently when a company is small and beginning up, it ignores both of these ideas while it makes sense of its character, errands, capacities and everything authoritative structure and outline help put in place. Contrastingly, when Gus Agioritis opened his little Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House in 1964, his technique was to develop the restaurant by concentrating on franchising. "Take on a similar mindset as a client, convey extraordinary sustenance and quality, and work nearly with your accomplices." (BP International Inc., 2014). Boston Pizza has conquered this by concentrating on the three mainstays of achievement, which are the scenery for all choice making that has supported the advancement and accomplishment of Boston Pizza. The three pillars of this concrete pizzeria are responsibility to the franchisee benefit, responsibility for building the Boston Pizza brand, duty to persistently enhancing the client experience. One of the first franchisees was a RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officer named Jim Treliving who
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