Organizational Structure Of Functional Managers

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Organization Structures relates to Project Management Functional managers have specialties such as engineering and manufacturing. They are usually selected for their technical expertise and ability to control the day to day operations. Functional Managers are considered cross-functional team and are self-directed to assign to a specific task. This type of management have different responsibilities, but all work to perform the same function of the department. Leadership within functional managers is essential, it creates and fosters team unity and leadership is always the key to success. There are a lot of outside pressures involved and the team must have internal strength and commitment to survive throughout the project life-cycle. Matrix organizational structure report the functional manager and one or more project managers. This type of structure represents the middle ground between functional and project structures. This type of structure is a multi-task method where more than one project is going on and the employees will report to the manager in their department. Matrix organizational structures can be strong, weak and balanced. In this organization method, there are a lot of process steps involved and have to be managed carefully. The matrix organizational structure consist of weak, strong and balance structure. Strong organizational structure allows a company to better focus on set of goals instead of each groups working towards each agenda. This strong
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