Organizational Structure Of GE Global Learning

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GE’s CEO believes that it is beneficial for the company to not be run like a big company but rather ran like a big partnership. GE has one leadership development foundation as well as one global research infrastructure. In order to share ideas with the least bureaucracy, GE has a few Company-wide councils such as services. This is believed to benefit the company overall because everyone will be allowed to contribute to all segments of the company and not just their individual jobs. This produces connectivity between everyone’s daily needs. In order to keep up with today’s growth in global business, GE has to find ways to further develop its leadership. GE has an approach on developing its leadership known as “GE Global Learning.” The company…show more content…
The difference in the division are the categories in which they are divided into. GE is divided into six specific categories: Energy, Capital, Home & Business Solutions, Healthcare, Aviation and Transportation. GE has also devoted a lot of their focus into Global Growth and Operations. This division is mainly responsible for international sales and services out the U.S. In order to support all of its units, GE has included some centralized services in areas such as legal, commercial and public relations, business development, human resources, finance and global research. In charge of executing all these strategies and implementing appropriate organizational control processes is CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt. P&G performs and is divided into four industry based sectors: global beauty, global baby. Feminine and family care, global fabric and homecare, and global health and grooming. The company prides themselves over their “unique organizational structure” which offers equal benefits at a global scale in which are relevant for consumers where their brand is sold. The current CEO of P&G, Davis Taylor, is a strong believer that the correspondence between the strategy and the structure of the company is essential. Procter and Gamble constant involvement worldwide has to deal with globalization of its business therefore having to remain competitive internationally. The current strategy that incorporates global product structure allows P&G to accordingly mix cost reductions from the company as well as retain efficient customer responsiveness. By customer responsiveness, P&G is referring to adapting to local tastes and expectations as they vary nationally and

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