Organizational Structure Of Organization Structure

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-1. Early in the course we discussed bureaucracy. We said this form of organization was the starting point for understanding all modern organizations. Based on the text and other class readings develop an essay that begins with a brief definition of bureaucracy and the reason why this form of organization remains the cornerstone of organization structure. Then, give three reasons why the principles of bureaucracy may sometimes be dysfunctional for an organization. Conclude your essay with a discussion of three principles that might be used for designing organizational structure that would avoid bureaucratic dysfunction. Express each principle as a complete sentence, and with each briefly describe why you find the principle to be important in the design of organization structure. Number the principles as: P1, P2 & P3.

Bureaucracy is part of the organizational structure that implements a hierarchy of management. It brings managers together with various skills, experiences, and goals (Bateman, Snell, & Konopaske, p. 34). Bureaucracy operates with rules and regulations. This structure is considered the ideal structure for businesses to keep controls in place and every business must have structure. This is why bureaurcracy has remained the corner stone of organizational structure. Although the bureaucracy approach is considered good, it does have its dysfunctions.
The three reasons that makes bureaucracy dysfunctional are: 1. The red tape which could mean there are
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