Organizational Structure Of Samsung

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According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia1, SAMSUNG is a South Korean multinational corporation headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It consists of several auxiliaries and associated businesses, most of them amalgamated under the Samsung brand, and it is the largest South Korean business corporation. 3On March 1 1938, founding chairman Byung-Chull Lee started a business in Daegu, Korea focused principally on trade export, selling dried Korean fish, vegetables, and fruit to Manchuria and Beijing. In little more than a decade, Samsung which means “three stars” would have its own flour mills and confectionary machines, its own manufacturing and sales operations. From these modest beginnings, Samsung would ultimately advance to become the modern
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Under that there is the Green management committee who are in charge of Samsung producing eco-friendly products. This is followed by its various divisions. Samsung has headquarters in North America, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa.
Top Leadership 17Image 1: Samsung’s CEO 11 Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon, Vice Chairman & CEO Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. He was officially appointed Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Electronics Co. by the company's Board of Directors on June of 2012. Since Dr. Kwon joined Samsung Electronics' Semiconductor Business in 1985, he has played a pivotal role in Samsung Electronics' rapid advance in the semiconductor industry. He successfully led the development of the industry's first 64Mb DRAM in 1992, and was promoted to Vice President of Samsung's Memory Device Technology unit three years later.
12Board of Directors Image 2: President and CEOs
• Boo-Keun Yoon is the President and CEO OF Samsung presently since 2013. He held several other managerial positions within the past eleven years including Head of Consumer Electronics Division, Head of Visual Display Business, Head of R&D Team and President and Head of Consumer Electronics. The latter position he presently
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