Organizational Structure Of Starbucks Organization Structure

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Organizational structure

Starbucks organization structure is unique just like it coffee, it is customized to the company’s needs and abilities. However, the fundamentals of the structure come of a mix of other basic organization structures. One of the key reasons the company is full of success is because it is able to capitalize on the matrix form, the strategy works by involving all necessarily factors and the collaborate to form a functioning unit. The matrix form is a type of merging mix in which information, ideas and materials flows freely back and forth within the company, providing optimal opportunity for the employees to add input. According to an article, Starbucks organization structure is made up of four key elements; “functional structure, geographic division, product based division and teams.”() With these fundamentals Starbuck has incorporated a sound foundation able to capitalize on constant fluidity of the company.

The functional structure aspect of Starbucks is typical, its is based on grouping. With this type of structure, it delegates more creativity, independence and flexibility with in the company, reducing the need for overemployment and increasing the ability for structure. Another form of checks and balances, the company is dived into two parts the corporate side and the cafés, and in stead of dividing the business down the middle the company has unified them. The geographic division of the company is evidence of the functional structure, on a…
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