Organizational Structure Of The American Red Cross

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The American Red Cross is an important entity in the world today. In fact, the organization was created over 100 years ago and has done nothing but grow. This is an organization that went from caring for wounded soldiers to being the guiding spirit of many families when disaster of any kind strikes. The American Red Cross must be strong and organized to handle such a large role. Unfortunately, they are usually not strong or organized.
Fundamental Management Problem
In recent years, the American Red Cross has experienced a number of problems both inside and outside the organization. All these problems can be traced back to one single management problem: the organization’s structure of control. The structure is unorganized and unable to satisfy the organization’s role in society.
Here are three possible solutions to such a problem:
1. Reduce the number of roles the organization has.
2. Change and enforce the rules and regulations in the organization
3. Modify the whole organizational structure from top to bottom.
The best choice for solving the American Red Cross’s management problem is solution 3.
Action Plan
In order to change the organizational structure there will need to be Congressional support and approval. Before doing so, these changes must be agreed upon by those the plan affects within the organization. These members including the Board of Governance, the Independent Governance Panel, and the board of Volunteers. Once the plan has been…

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