Organizational Structure Of The Business Organization

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In connection to the above, it is very important to highlight that in his restaurant, Jack has at least twenty employees whom he has been working together with. These employees play different roles in the restaurant as defined by the management of the restaurant headed by Jack. Some of the employees are engaged in cleaning services, others are also engaged in welcoming the customers, and others are engaged in serving the customers among others. According to Jack, the employees engaged in cooking the different delicacies are the ones that perform the most challenging roles in the restaurant. This is because they have just to be the best, offering the best skills in order to ensure that the qualities of the foods are not compromised at all…show more content…
In-depth Understanding of Motivation
Motivation can be described as the level of influence that the employees or workers bring to the businesses relevant to their specific jobs. In connection to the above it is of crucial significance to note that employee motivation is majorly influenced by three main factors. The factors comprise of the energy, creativity as well as commitment that such employees or workers bring to the jobs. These factors contribute greatly towards the realization of success in the business. Therefore, it is important to note that in order to realize success, it is very important to ensure that such factors are greatly observed. Professionalism should always be employed in ensuring that the issue of employee motivation is not compromised in any other way. This is because compromising employees in any way may occasion revolts, withdrawal as well as laxity in their practices. This may precipitate such issues involving poor employee performance, thereby leading to failure of such businesses.
As such, it is of crucial significance to note that employee motivation always plays a significant role in upholding the behaviors of employees thereby positively influencing their performances. This leads to achievement of the organizational goals,
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