Organizational Structure Of The Business Organization

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In connection to the above, it is very important to highlight that in his restaurant, Jack has at least twenty employees whom he has been working together with. These employees play different roles in the restaurant as defined by the management of the restaurant headed by Jack. Some of the employees are engaged in cleaning services, others are also engaged in welcoming the customers, and others are engaged in serving the customers among others. According to Jack, the employees engaged in cooking the different delicacies are the ones that perform the most challenging roles in the restaurant. This is because they have just to be the best, offering the best skills in order to ensure that the qualities of the foods are not compromised at all times. The interview with jack focused on a number of areas. These include the issue of motivation, team or group work as well as the organizational structure of the business organization. The questions revolved around how he managed the issue of employee motivation, when to motivate the employees as well as the reasons behind employee motivation. In addition, the other questions covered the opinions of Jack relevant to the issue of teamwork, the benefits accrued from teamwork, conditions for success as well as trainings necessary to improve the teamwork abilities amongst the employees. Furthermore, other questions also revolved around the issue of business structure that was evident in the restaurant. This comprised of some of the…
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