Organizational Structure Of The Walt Disney Company

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Organizational Structure of Disney Company
The Walt Disney Company is one of the popular and successful organizations in the world. The business was started from 1923 at California and it is still very trendy in games, entertainments, resorts and destinations, television programs, theme parks and in movies (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 2010). The Disney Company is a diversified international entertainment organization with functions in four principal business parts which are consumer products, parks and resort, media networks and studio entertainment. The firm has 11 theme parks across the globe, cable television network such as ESPN and Disney channel. Similarly, the company has an intercontinental website in 37 nations. Disney was chosen for this research as there is huge information regarding it (The Walt Disney Company, 2016). The aim of this paper is thus to explore the organizational structure of Disney including its use of teams.
Demographics of Disney Company
As highlighted in the above section, Welt Disney Company is composed of four major business segments which are consumer products, media networks, studio entertainment and parks and resort and has cable television network and 11 theme parks around the universe among other components. From books, games, apps to toys, Disney consumer products and interactive media
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As the firm constantly conveys the vision, the existing leadership of The Walt Disney Company trusts that communication is two-way. As a result of this, the management of the company has created their organization and teams in a manner that members of staff can understand that the leaders are paying attention to their views and ideas, turning any possible communication limitation into chances to present concerns or opinions (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor,

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