Organizational Structure Of Volkswagen

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Business:Investors and analysts, business partners, competitors
Policymakers:Agencies and authorities, unions, associations, NGO/nonprofit organizations
Media:Media organizations
Academia:Scientists and experts
Society:Religious institutions , residents and communities, cultural-educational and daycare facilities

Stakeholders of Volkswagen which can be defined as groups that has official interest in Volkswagen group’s corporate decisions and implications has multifarious expectations and demands.Core stakeholders of the company are defined as customers and employees ;and form the 12 other stakeholder groups from the business and academic wolds, societies, politics and media around the core stakeholders.The company considers all the expectations, demands, possible complications that might arise from conflicts of infesters between different stakeholders and aim to achieve the higher possible growth in the value of the group and benefit all the stakeholder groups.
To prohibit the ruble's that might arise Volkswagen has a strike balance between acting efficiently and satisfying the
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It includes organization, values and the principle and guidelines for its business policies.The company sees corporate governance as a key condition to strengthen the relationship between stakeholders and shareholders which brings lasting corporate success.The company uses The German corporate governance code which contains recommendations and suggestions for good and responsible corporate management and supervision.The code was prepared by government commission established for the purpose of acceptance in both national and international corporate governance standards.The board of management and the supervisory board of the company base their work on the German Corporate Governance
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