Organizational Structure Paper

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Organizational Structure Paper For the past 3 years, I have worked for a company called 2020 communications. This company has many different contracts with other companies like Verizon, T-Mobile, and other wireless providers. As a Territorial Manager I do not work for these global wireless companies, we manage the territories and make sure that the actual stores are selling the company’s products and services. 2020 Communications has a simple structure that consists of a single individual that runs the company. Under that individual there are 2 district managers and then there are territorial managers that work directly for the company. I am contracted to work for T-Mobile to manage 9 locations. In the company in which i work for they…show more content…
They then put together a strategy and a plan to make those goals come to past. Tactical plans go hand in hand, with strategic planning because tactical planning is are a more detailed direct set of plans to complete the bigger picture. Operational plans consist of the day to day operations and the way the company is ran on a daily business. In my company we have a very strategic set of plans and goals inwhich the company is trying trting achieve. we have monthly meetings in which we sit and discuss the many different day to day operations that are working and bringing in revenue to the company. We also talk about the different aspects of the business that need changes, whether if it is customer based or service related. Human resources playes a big role in 2020 Communications, they are the back bone of the company. HR has steared away for the traditional hire and fire role and developed to an integral part of the business. The Human Resource department goes through diffeent strategies in which wherre they try and disect all aspects of the company to try and make the staff happy and have the best interest of the company. It is easy for a company to focus on these aspects due to the fact that we dont have to worry about paying storefront cost for acutual locations. We kind of piggy back off of the copporate locations. HR also comes up with differrent training that will help the management staff become better
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