Essay on Organizational Structure Simulation

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Organizational Structure Simulation

Synergetic Solutions Inc.

University of Phoenix

COM/530 Communication for Accountants


This paper looks Synergetic Solutions Inc. A simulated organization facing some

structure changes and what forces are at play. We look at what factors the Leader of

the organization will consider to implement a successful change of strategy. We will

describe at least two of the models the leader of the organization might employ. We

will also evaluate what communication will be necessary to implement these

changes within these two models. We will also look at what type of resistance we

might face in implementing these changes.

External Factors for Change
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The CEO must consider some factors to implement the strategy successfully.

He must consider the time and cost of the options and their repercussions. One

option is to improve operational efficiencies and production standards. At the same

time improving organizational effectiveness and employee wellbeing. The first stem

would involve identifying and investing in key technologies like project

management and workflow automation software. Communication can be done in

manner of an employee forum for technology and network design innovation. The

implementation of industry benchmarks and network design will also be necessary.

Part of the strategy would be to hire individuals with experience and certifications

in network design solutions. Also we could restructure compensation packages and

offer incentives for improving performance.

As part of the change we would have to redefine the office layouts. Providing

a separate area for integration and software reselling operations. We would need to

improve employee skills and competencies. Implementing training in critical areas

implementing a training and mentoring plan. Install a performance management

system and offer performance bonuses.

Another key area is reducing absenteeism and it is basic. We must establish a

process and documentation procedure. We must also improve project

accountability and effectiveness. The implementation of a

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