Organizational Structure and Culture

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Organizational Structure and Culture Introduction In this week’s assignment we will be looking at organizational structure and organizational culture. We will first look at how organizational culture impacts organizational structure and vice versa. Then look at how organizational structure interacts and impacts the organization’s decision process. Organizational Cultures Impact on Organizational Structure The first part of this week’s assignment was to look at how organizational structure impacts organizational culture and vice versa. But before we look at that let us review what organizational structure and culture are. Organizational culture as defined from the text is the shared values, principles, traditions, and ways of doing things that influence the way organizational members set (Robbins, Decenzo, Coulter, 2013). Also an organization’s culture usually reflects the vision or mission of the organization’s founders (Robbins, Decenzo, Coulter, 2013). Organizational structure is a hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communication, rights and duties of an organization (, 2013). Organizational structure determines how the roles, power and responsibilities are assigned, controlled, and coordinated, and how information flows between different levels of management (, 2013). Now with a review of what organizational structure and culture are let us look how they impact each other. There are many examples of structure
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