Organizational Structure and Culture Essay

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When it comes to good management, it is hard to stress enough how important it is to start with the basics of understanding the very design, structure, and culture that are appropriate in fulfilling the goals of that organization. Experts say that organizational structure and culture should work in tandem - as a team within the organization. It is important for organizations to “understand the difference between the two aspects because they can have a major influence on the firm’s success or failure.” John (2013). Organizational culture comes from the founders of the organization and its missions and visions they originally developed. When a corporation strays too far from its original missions and visions or lacks it altogether …show more content…
Each model has six components identifying each. See Exhibit 6-7. Coulter (2013, p2). It has been my misfortune to be employed under a traditional mechanistic department when the corporation around it is currently transforming into a more organic or hybrid type organization. The company advertises that they are committed to diversity “to include creating a work environment in which everyone believes their ideas matter, regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or physical ability.” American Family (2007-2013). However, in the department that I work, managers discourage suggestions or input. There was a time that I gathered enough courage to suggest to a manager how to handle an upcoming project and she bit at me like a vicious pack leader, and then bullied me back into my cubicle with threats of misbehavior that she just made up and will eventually find its way on to your evaluation. The bullying tactics include “emotional abuse” and “character abuse” Heathfield (2013) that puts you into a tailspin and makes you resent the fact that you said anything at all; leaves you feeling anxious and fearful for your job; and mentally traumatized for days. After licking your wounds for three days, recovery happens for some, for others it doesn’t and becomes more problematic and negative, and
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