Organizational Structures And Organizational Cultures For Different Organizations Essay

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Executive Summary The first task of the report of assignment ‘Organization and Behaviour’ deals with the comparison of various different kinds of organizational structures and organizational cultures for different organizations. In addition, the task takes into account the impact of the culture and the structure of organization on the functions and operation of business. However, the various factors which influence the individual performance and behaviour at work is also given emphasis in this part of the report. The second task of the assignment brings forth the effective styles of leadership which can be adopted by the different types of organizations. Likewise, the recommendation of the most suitable style of leadership for the organization is also discussed in the second task of the report. Alternatively, the various aspects of organizational theory which underpins the management practice are also explained in detail in the second task of the report. In the third task of the report, the impact of different kinds of leadership styles on motivation is elaborated. Along with this, change in the strategic decisions to be undertaken for effective result is discussed. Simultaneously, the various motivational theories and there use in creating positive work environment is detailed in this task of the report. The last task of the report provides details of the nature of group and its behaviour within the organization. In addition, the factors which hinder the performance of
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