Organizational Studies and Human Resource Management and Ghee Hoe

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Introduction of Company 2
• Ghee Hoe – Vision & Mission 2
• Early day Organization Structure 2
• Decrease in Demand 3
• Re-Organization Structure of Ghee Hoe 3
Organization Structure 4
• Complexity 4
• Centralization 5
• Formalization 5
Measuring Ghee Hoe Organizational Effectiveness 6
• External Resource Approach 6
• Internal Resource Approach 6
• Technology Approach 7
Recommendation of Approaches to Improve Ghee Hoe 7
Conclusion 8 Annex 1 9
Annex 2 10
Reference 11

Introduction of Company
Ghee Hoe, is a trading company established in 1948. It’s started operation after World War 2, importing motorcycles from one
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This structure decided on how the roles, power, responsibilities of each and every individual are assigned to controlled and coordinated the flows of information between the different level in a management.
We used organizational chart to illustrates the organizational structure in showing the different levels of management.
The 3 core dimensions of an organization structure are – Complexity, Centralization and Formalization.
Gareth R (2010) define “Organizational complexity, the number of different function and divisions possessed by an organization, determining the level of differentiation,. “ in this organizational structure, differentiation is high. Basically there are 2 types of differentiation – Vertical and Horizontal also known as Tall & Flat Structure.
Vertical differentiation, the way an organization designs its hierarchy of authority and creates reporting relationships to connect organizational roles and subunits. Lower levels report to higher levels. In Ghee Hoe, Mechanic is to report to workshop foreman and foreman is to report to Manager and Manager is to report to Chief Director (the man who has the most power and authority).
Horizontal differentiation, the way an organization groups organizational tasks into roles, and roles into subunits, establishing the division of labor. In Ghee Hoe, the spare part and workshop function made up a spare part division provide services to customer who need services to
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