Organizational System and Quality Leadership Task 1

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Organizational System and Quality Leadership RKOT Task 1 April 1, 2012 Abstract Leadership is in many ways a responsibility, whether it’s an appointed job as a leader or a role you find yourself in unexpectedly you must perform adequately not just to accomplish the given task but to also have those following you achieve a given goal. Some are natural born leaders, taking responsibilities for self, never pointing fingers and possessing the ability to find solutions to the obstacles that arise. Others can learn how to lead and achieve the same results. In the medical field, when we look to our leaders it is so that they can lead us to be able to provide and deliver safe quality…show more content…
In this scenario the nurse is and can be faced with having to communicate with any given person on staff to ensure appropriate quality care. Being part of the interdisciplinary healthcare team and learning how to communicate effectively within this team and encourage others to do the same is one of the many vital responsibilities that a nurse must be able to handle well. Effective collaboration between registered nurses and physicians has been shown to reduce morbidity and mortality rates, cost of care, and medical errors and to improve job satisfaction and retention of nursing staff (Maxson et al., 2011, p. 31). To be an active part of an interdisciplinary team will give the nurse the opportunity to be a part of a group of people that will and can make it better not only for the patient but for the medical system as a whole. The outcomes are positive in every way. Contributing Position; discuss two ways a nurse can take an active, contributing position within an interdisciplinary team. Using communication techniques that facilitate communication within the interdisciplinary team will make it possible for a nurse to take an active contributing position within the interdisciplinary team. Such tools can be briefing, debriefing, SBAR, and critical language. The nurse should be knowledgeable as to which tool the employer uses and become familiar with the tool and use

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