Organizational Systems And Impacts. Shortly After The Acquisition

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Organizational Systems and Impacts Shortly after the acquisition of PacifiCare by UnitedHealth Group (UHG), the differences in the corporate culture and leadership styles were apparent. No longer did the PacifiCare motto of “every employee matters” ring true. Large numbers of acquired staff were laid off and for those who were allowed to stay the motto practiced by many of the acquiring managers was more reminiscent of “we don’t need you”. For those trying to assimilate into the UHG organization, it was clear that the mission and values spoken by senior leadership were not what was practiced by many of the management staff. Philosophy and Goals As sister companies and part of the UHG organization, United Healthcare (UHC) provided…show more content…
For those units that did interact with patients the patient care model utilized was one focused on improving the health of specific populations of patients. Differing slightly from the traditional disease management approach of assisting patients in the management of their lifestyle choices that affected their chronic medical conditions, Optum subscribed to the population health focused patient care model. As described by Cramm and Nieboer (2016) the population health delivery model was one, which emphasized improving the overall quality of the patient’s life by addressing the physical, social, and financial difficulties typically faced by patients with chronic medical conditions. The goal of the population health model was to foster a sense of “well-being” within the patient by providing the education and resources needed to empower the patient to make life long changes (Cramm & Nieboer, 2016). Systems Model From an organizational perspective, Optum utilized the divisional structure approach. Broken up across business segments and geographic locations, each division within Optum functioned as an autonomous business entity (Optum, n.d.). Each business segment was then organized according to the business needs of that particular unit. For the population health management unit, an informal team-based structure was implemented which allowed the individual

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