Organizational Systems And Structures Evaluation Essay

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Organizational Systems and Structures Evaluation The purpose of this paper is to consider two frameworks to analyze a system and structure of a familiar organization. The following essential elements of the system and structure will be assessed: 1. Mission, vision, values; 2. Strategic plan, goals, and objectives; 3. Key operational processes and patterns; 4. Information technology use; 5. Organizational priorities and investments, as indicated by financial data; 6. Organization’s culture; 7. Influence of culture on meeting organizational goals. The two frameworks utilized to complete the assessment of MC Hospital (MCH) was Senge’s Learning Organisation Model and the Microsystem 5 P’s. Senge’s Model focuses on five main principles: “shared vision, whole team learning, changed mental models, continuous individual learning and systems thinking” (Elkin, Zhang, Cone, 2011). ASHP Foundation, (n.d.) states the 5P s involves attaining further insight and understanding of the purpose, patients, professionals, processes and patterns involved in a microsystem. Both frameworks contribute in exploring the systems and structures in an organization. Description of the Organization MCH serves 84,000 children between inpatient and outpatient clinics. MCH uses a traditional hospital organization structure, which uses a hierarchy and is divided into service lines at the Vice President levels. Communication is bidirectional in the hierarchy due to several clinical multi-disciplinary
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