Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Task 1 A. Nursing Sensitive Indicators Nurses are integral key players in multidisciplinary teams caring for patients in complex healthcare systems. Hospitals, a primary care delivery portal within the health system, are inundated with patients requiring higher acuity care. Nurses must be prepared to recognize patients’ health care needs and provide quality patient care outcomes. The knowledge of nursing sensitive indicators can be helpful in providing the care which meets quality standards. Nursing sensitive indicators rely on evidence-based practice. The American Nurses Association created a repository for implementing, developing, and…show more content…
When the primary nurse reported Mr. J had received and eaten a non-kosher entree to the nursing supervisor, she instructed the nurse to keep it quiet. Reporting errors to the patient and apologizing for errors is an evidence based practice for improving patient satisfaction and maintaining trust. Although Mr. J may not have retained the information due to his dementia, his daughter should have been informed of the error. Keeping the error quiet is unethical nursing practice. Mr. J’s daughter needs to know she can trust the staff to care for her father and respect his patient rights and wishes. This is of particular concern when a family member lives eight hours away and may have limited opportunity to visit. Also, the nurse’s comments to Mr. J’s daughter were unprofessional. Reports from the hospital administrator of other Jewish patients’ feeling their dietary requests were not taken seriously, sends the message that actions have not been taken to correct inexcusable practices and behavior. Patients who have poor experiences most often have poor outcomes. Actions must be taken to review system failure causes such as errors, compromised care, safety infractions, and poor outcomes. Without prompt resolutions, the patients will choose alternative resources for their health care needs ultimately resulting in
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