Organizational Systems and Structures Evaluation Essay example

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Organizational Systems and Structures Evaluation Quality is something that every health care agency strives to achieve. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) suggests that health care organizations develop a culture of safety such that an organization's care processes and workforce are focused on improving the reliability and safety of care for patients (Groves, Meisenbach, & Scott-Cawiezell, 2011). In order to address an issue related to health care quality, it is important to look at the frameworks that will analyze an organization and identify opportunities to improve performance. The purpose of this paper is to provide a description of an organization and an analysis of the following: mission, vision and values, strategic plan, goals,…show more content…
These policies and procedures are reevaluated and updated every two to three years to adhere to changes such as those posed by the IOM. Operational processes and patterns can serve as the foundation for training employees. HMHP requires staff to take competences each year and make sure they are up to date on the changes that may have occurred and is competent in the skills required to do their job. This is a way that HMHP can manage the way that care is delivered to the patient population they serve. Information Technology Information technology use in HMHP has been implemented in the past few years. The organization as a whole has gone to a system called EPIC that was at first difficult for staff to get used to but now is an asset to the organization. Advances in information technology have introduced new design approaches that support health care delivery and patient education (Demiris et al., 2008). The electronic medication administration record has made it safer for patients when receiving medications in the hospital because of the checks it uses upon administration. Also, the double verification of medication like heparin and insulin help to reduce errors. Physicians entering their own orders and having electronic notes has also made it easier to carry out orders and know what the plan entails. Information technology has also
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