Organizational Testing and Assessment Essay examples

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Organizational Testing and Assessment Organizational testing and assessment is done throughout companies and organizations of all kinds for the purpose of screening and selecting the best employees as part of their staff. Companies need to select tools and materials that are effective and reliable in screening employees. In addition they need to know how to properly administer and interpret the results. In the sections below, performance appraisal, behavioral observation scales, the Big Five Personality Theory, meta-analysis, and Carroll’s three stratum theory will be all described and what their purpose is as to being used in organizational testing and assessment. A performance appraisal is basically the same things as a performance…show more content…
The results are than compared to determine whether the employee/employees are meeting the required company expectations or whether some type of action needs to be taken for improvement. Behavioral observation scales should not be mistaken for productivity measures. Productivity scales measure how much an employee is or is not contributing to the company’s profits. Behavioral observation scales are often used in white-collar jobs because these types of jobs do not produce anything tangible; therefore, another type of measurement, such as behavior needs to be used (WiseGeek, 2011). The Big Five Theory of Personality is a measurement of personality test that has been gathered through the result of years in psychology research. This test helps to better understand and a get a closer look into people’s general components of personality, since personality is such an important aspect of everyone’s social lives. The five main dimensions of personality are: Extraversion (your level of sociability and enthusiasm), Agreeableness (your level of friendliness and kindness), Conscientiousness (your level of organization and work ethic), Emotional Stability (your level of calmness and tranquility), and Intellect (your level of creativity and curiosity) (Rentfrow, 2009). A person’s personality is than made up of a combination of all five of these dimensions. A person can than said to be for instance, not friendly, but sociable,
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