Organizational Theory - Case Study

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In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. In this case study, the regional claims manager, Christine Brooks, is tasked with reorganizing the Westchester zone in order to consolidate 4 offices into one office by the end of the year. She anticipates challenges because of this change and has a plan to work with the managers to make the transition as smooth as possible. There is background provided on the insurance industry’s history over the past years. This reorganization is the fallout of the stagnant economy in 2002. It was because of this issue that premiums paid by policyholders were insufficient to cover the cost of claims and operating expenses (Rosenberg, 2006). The company suffered…show more content…
Another reason could be because of managers varying style of management. Some managers allow their team to create a culture and process that works as long as it is ethical and follows organizations guidelines. Lastly, another reason could be that it would be difficult for a new leader to come into an office and change culture. New managers or leaders can only attempt to manage the existing culture. Leaders often set the tone for the type of culture that will be represented in their organization. Again, each leader manages differently and focuses on different areas. Also, subcultures may develop and sometimes become greater than the actual organizational culture. Different organizational cultures even within the same office can exist because of subculture. I do believe that based on the department function would determine how different each culture would be from office to office. Tenured employees use same cultures established in the past and often make it different to develop a new organizational culture. Often, new cultures develop as employees turnover and bring their previous organizations culture to the business. What could Christine, as the overall supervisor of all four claim 's offices, have done to promote cultural harmony among and between the offices? As the overall leader, Christine has the opportunity to set the tone for the reorganization with her employees and with corporate. Often during
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