Essay on Organizational Theory

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This is a study to examine the background of various organization theories and their development from the perspective of legitimacy and efficacy; to evaluate selected discussions regarding theory development and various theories; to encourage the use of evidence based theory development and to provide a look into the model and related theories that are created after looking at the existing theories. While not rejecting the need for thorough testing of theories, I am simply looking into the suggestion of theories and models for their worth. Only is that when we begin to thoroughly looking into the application of the theories, that they can then be tested in conditions of their authenticity and the level that they are useful. …show more content…
There are several new theories, models and extensions of existing theories out there that in the future should be available to be presented for discussion and to be tested for the soundness in their application ability (Miles, McKenny, Short, Davis, Wu). With this thought, we must start the movement of progress for the organizational theory development so we can be prepared for the beginning and use in the current changing environment of business. In using an evidence based approach, we will begin to discover new approaches and expand the existing theories and current models.

Research has shown that there have been several management and organization theories that have been tested through the years and a lot of those were introduced as very sound and logical prior to testing and were accepted by the majority of theorist. The finding of these theories and models simply do not mean that there is a necessity in depth testing and validation for them to be measured justifiable theories. There are theorists that have said that the incorporation of this theory creation and testing is vital. With that said, all of the building and formation of new theories needs to be evaluated so that an evaluation is feasible through sound and dependable testing. But with all of this testing, several problems have emerged as theorist and researchers
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