Organizational Theory Essay

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Andrea K. Rivers
ORG6503 : Organizational Theories & System
Instructor: Kathleen Henry
September 24, 2011

The owner of Creative Colors has taking my advice regarding restructuring and downsizing the company. The organization is now operating much more efficiently and has seen revenues begin to climb in its retail stores. With the improving economic climate in the region and the growing strength of the U.S. dollar compared to the Canadian dollar, the owner now sees an opportunity to acquire a regional competitor, Art Depot, based in Vancouver, Canada. The Owner of Creative Colors wants to expand the retail service capacity of Creative Colors by bringing Art Depot’s two retail stores (both located in Vancouver,
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I would suggest that they take a number of steps in providing the entire customer with these services if they can put their self in the customer shoes and ask what it means to be this customer or what I would feel like when i walk into a store for the first time and needed someone to help me. Ask yourself what I expect for the worker. With that in mind the same thing I expect is the same thing I should be doing in the art depot what do you expect from an associate? Whether they’re coming in to just peruse, make a purchase or even to return an item. Some other things the employee can do is to drop whatever they’re doing when your customer comes in because you have to keep in mind that they are the number one priority to the business. Next something we may over look but the customer won’t and that is a Smile because that is sometimes the very first thing a customer would and should. It also creates a warm and welcome first impression. By smiling it makes you approachable and that is something an employee has to be. Your employees at the art depot need to use a welcome message, greeting customer with a pleasing, upbeat voice and be consistent.

Building Blocks of organizational culture Patterns of interaction are typical behaviors, emotional replies, actions, and interactions that transpire between employees in the workplace. They sometimes happen with on any though put into it because it is based on the traits of the managers and staff
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