Organizational Theory Integrative Term Project: Concepts and Applications

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Organizational Theory: Concepts and Applications Andrea F. Bass Columbia College Annotated Bibliography Aslam, H. D., Javaid, T., Tanveer, A., Khan, M., & Shabbir, F. (2011). A Journey from Individual to Organizational Learning (Exploring the Linking Bridge: Team Learning). International Journal of Academic Research, 3(3), 738-745. The article addresses the need to adopt knowledge retention initiatives and continuous learning commitments amidst the challenges in today’s business environment. This begins with the topic of individual learning and further details the operational and procedural levels of learning, as well as how learning is applied in the organizational context. The authors focus on how to effectively apply the…show more content…
The authors focus on the need to identify the unique heritage and values that translate into the organization’s personality because of their belief that having a winning culture is as important as well-developed strategies for organizational success. The authors note that it might be necessary to perform a cultural audit, in order to see where the organization falls short and to expose how these weaknesses are preventing the company from realizing its strategic goals. The need to promote cooperation across different levels of the organization, along with changes to the organization structure, will drive the changes needed to maximize the development of a winning culture. Miller, F. A. (1998). Strategic Culture Change: The Door to Achieving High Performance and Inclusion. Public Personnel Management, 27(2), 151-160. Miller’s review identifies the need for cultural diversity in organizations as a means of strategic culture change, which he argues ultimately, promotes inclusion and high performance. He details that organizations need to focus on the maximization of their workforce. This translates to the elimination of any diversity barriers that have been formed in the organization, which could prevent management and employees from committing to a fundamental change of the organization’s structure, activities,

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