Organizational Theory and Design Essay

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Organizational Theory and Design Organizational Theory and Design According to Grand Canyon University (2013), organizational theory is an attempt to explain the workings of an organization, and the design is the structure, process, and plan which describe all the actions of an organization and how well they fit to meet the organizational goals. This paper seeks to identify the structural dimensions of Ternary Software Co. along with the application of certain strategic frameworks used for organizational effectiveness. Structural Dimensions The general characteristics of organizations consist of two main dimensions, structural and contextual. Structural dimensions describe the internal characteristics of an organization by…show more content…
A small, close knit company which has the ability of make customers feel they are part of a family can play to their strength. Communicating often with customers, vendors, and the community at large will enhance their reputation and potentially grow the company. The best course of action leadership should take is to first identifying key stakeholders (Lawrence & Weber, 2011), assess their interests, opinions, expectations, and prioritize accordingly. This unique approach will only add value, and continuous communication between stakeholders and the leadership of Ternary will help promote the health, well-being, and growth of the organization. This will also lead to developing positive and ethical relationships which insure stakeholders’ values and intentions are congruent and compatible with the vision and mission of the organization (Casey, 2004). While many organizations are concerned with just making money at any cost, Ternary has the ability to grow the organization by first developing internal and external stakeholders’ relationships which can potentially lead to building a strong organization with a strong competitive edge. Management faces an uphill battle of building congruent relationships with internal stakeholders, holding true to the mission and vision of the organization while remaining viable (Casey, 2004). In order for Ternary to build this type of capacity and hold a competitive edge, they must
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