Organizational Trends: Increasing Productivity With Communication

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A trend in organizational behavior that will impact businesses for the next decade is how communication relates to productivity. The 21st century brings with it a plethora of communication tools that, with specific application, can be used so as to increase productivity. When communication increases, productivity increases; the relationship is directly proportional. The paper will clarify the connection between productivity and communication. The paper will examine what increases and what decreases as a result of increased communication and increased productivity. Communication is a crucial factor in the success operations of an organization. Communication is a key aspect in business as well as in life. Communication pertains to all parties involved in the business transaction. Communication as a means to increase organizational productivity is an issue that will continue to gain attention and exert influence in the present as well as the future. Communication increases organizational productivity. Productivity increases when there are a greater number of means for employees to communicate among themselves. Productivity…
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