Organizational Values Essay

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An aligned organization is one which their performance influences are mutually supportive and focuses on effective and efficient delivery of system. Values play an important role in an organization and leads to success. To attain a successful alignment between individual and corporate values, there needs to be a connection between the employee and the organization in which he or she works for. The benefits contain significant value to both the organization as well as the employee. The decision individual makes reflect their personal beliefs about what is important for them and the decision organization make reflect their personal belief about what they think is important. The personal and organizational value develops based on the…show more content…
Taking time to listen to and understand patients experiences convey a message that patients feeling cared for and respected. Through communication a patient can be reassured and understand their sickness fully. Once, when I worked as a charge nurse, a patient wanted to inform me about something. She told me that her assigned nurse was not giving pain medication on correct time, and demanded for a different nurse. When I talked to the assigned nurse she told me that she gave all pain medication on time and that patient was ready to be discharged but the problem as that the patient didn’t want to leave. I checked the medication administration record and it indicated that the nurse gave all the medication on time. I didn’t change the assigned nurse instead I decided to take care of the patient. I talked with the patient asked her why she doesn’t want to go home. She replied saying that the pharmacy she gets her medication from is closed on Saturday and Sunday and she cannot get her discharge medication until Monday. She also complained about not having any ride back home after being discharged. I called the social worker and she arranged to get her medication for the patient from hospital’s charity for few days and also provided the patient with a cab voucher. I called the cab and discharged the patient home without any problem. The way I handled this situation was by
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