Organizational Variables : Acme Electronics

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Organizational Variables
Acme Electronics
Inside Acme there is a division of labor, and departments are specialized in their respective areas. No one person performs all tasks, although the president, Mr. Tyler, is involved in all departments. He is described as a “one-man band”. Some managers would like “more latitude in their jobs”. This shows that there is not much freedom in the organization, which supports Tyler’s statement of running a “tight ship”. It is clear what everyone’s role in the organization and function is and what their responsibilities are, but there is not much clarity on the other roles of other department in the organization. This can be seen by the fact that management feels uninformed.
Looking at the organizational chart of Acme it is clear that there is a high degree of differentiation.
• Support function - e.g. purchasing
• Production function - e.g. drafting, production and engineers
• Managerial function - e.g. (vice) president and manager.
The case does not provide enough information to establish with certainty if the maintenance and adaptive function are present in the organization, but it can be assumed that they are in the form of the engineers.
The manager received the blue print and sent top-management (department heads and executives) a memo regarding the urgency of the project. A memo was also sent to Drafting and Purchasing, who fall under the plant manager. This shows that although there is vertical differentiation, in practice the

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