Organizational team development

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Assignment 2: Learning Assessment System Assignment (LASA) 1: Team Performance Report One of the main challenges in development and organization of teams is their recognized advantage to provide superior ways to utilize employee talents. Management has found that teams are more flexible and responsive to changing events than are traditional departments or other forms of permanent groupings.1 Cultural diversity and low knowledge management on the rating scale of management tools used, nowadays are among main disturbing factors, but can be also used to the team’s advantage. Managers strive to motivate teams while maintaining more and more complex business processes each day and multi level communication, formal and informal within an…show more content…
Management by the goals has been proven as successful methodology for evaluation of the employees’ performance during last decades. Moreover, belligerent team member should be assigned to other duties, in order for one apple not to spoil the whole basket. When individuals become too emotionally involved - parties experience anxiety, tension, frustration, or hostility, as shown in the Figure 1. Figure 1. Process of the conflict and resolution stages Communication plan Communication would be organized in three levels downward with team members, upward to senior management and laterally with other managers/supervisors departments. In the first case a team meeting would be scheduled where delicate subjects such as low productivity and drop in sales numbers would be arguments for deep changes in team organization and development of new skills and resilience to the bugs and cost cuts, which are necessary and to be expected. It would be followed by introduction of management by goals methodology to evaluate and reward employees’ work performance on trimester basis. For departments managers a network resource such as share point notification on the internal page of product development department could successfully be used for communiqué of the changes and improvements made within the product development team, as the product
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