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Organization Paper, Individual Assignment 4
Linda D. Mason
October 21st, 2013
Jon Sowers, faculty

Organization Paper, Individual Assignment 4

The purpose of this paper is to define and explain the bureaucratic organization listing the characteristics and identifying the main principles. In addition to define an agile organization listing the characteristics and identifying and listing the nine steps of management by objectives. Also listing the advantages and disadvantages of both the bureaucratic and agile organizations. This information is imperative to the police department. Decisions will be made as to the type of organization is the best choice for our department.
Bureaucratic Organization Characteristics These
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The deterrence of crimes will be conducted by random motorized patrols. Police should enforce laws impartially using modern technology and solve those crimes by use of scientific investigative methods (Filstad, Gottschalk, 2010).
Define an Agile Organization Many business use the agile organizational methodology. As they require the ability to remain flexible, enduring ever-changing requirements. The agile organization develops more mission-critical, high-profile systems. Sharing responsibility within small teams (of 15 or less) is also a main principle of an agile organization. Never is a hierarchy design operational in the agile organization, as the group possess the ability to over ride decisions made by management. The agile type of organization displayed itself over time as an entrepreneurial type of organization providing the high-speed changing rather than the standardization of a bureaucratic organization (Johnson, Jackson, & Burrows, 2011).
Characteristics of the Agile Organization Characterized as competitive to mean much the same as the hyper and rapidly changing as needed in the business community and appeal to a central concept from complexity theory, namely, the edge of chaos. Considered the self run type of organization concepting from the bottom up and the top down. The characteristics create a clear vision, avoiding micro-managing, and setting bold goals. It creates values, thinking, people support, learning and cooperating in
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