Organizations Should Make Appropriate And Reasonable Adjustments For Physically And Mentally Disabled Employees Essay

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Furthermore, organizations should make appropriate and reasonable adjustments for physically and mentally disabled employees, so that they can overcome from the impairment disadvantages. Organisations are required to protect their employees from both direct and indirect discrimination against disability. Managers should be notified about such protective measures and company policy should be very transparent in nature. A quick action team is needed to check if an employee is discriminated. A very clear and legitimate explanation should be given when eligibility for a particular job position is decided. Equality Act permits organisations for taking a positive action if employees who face disadvantages due to some protected characteristic. Organisations should take positive step and safeguard the best interests of their employees. Employers should clearly decide the selection criteria for their particular jobs. Organisations should also not prefer disabled or any candidates, who is suffering disadvantages because of one or more protected characteristics, over the other equally or more qualified candidates. If they do so, it will be discrimination to the other candidates. Organisations should always consider merit and abilities of the candidates regardless of protected characteristics. Requirement of good policy making and managerial training Making and implementing a good employment and employee welfare policy is essential for any organisation. Employees are considered as
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