Organizations Worldwide And Its Impact On The Performance Of Leaders And Followers

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Introduction Organizations worldwide are complex environments made up of various levels and depend on the performance of leaders and followers. While the focus tends to be significantly more on leaders than followers, the importance of understanding people is agreed upon. As the world has become increasingly more connected due to technology and globalization, cultures and diversity have received greater attention as organizations realize they must know how to successfully interact with a wide variety of people (Luthans & Doh, 2015). An added benefit to this learning process would be to also have a stronger foundation of followership knowledge, particularly international followership. To gain a greater understanding of international…show more content…
A handful of theorists, which included Follett (1949), pointed out the lack of consideration followers were given. It was not until Kelley (1988) that followership received a greater attention that resulted in an increase of followership research. Since then, the research on followership has gained momentum and studies have been conducted on an international scale (Byun, Lee & Kang, 2016). Defining and Understanding Concepts While followership is a relatively new field of study, it is still not as clearly understood as other more established fields and is often approached with hesitation. The term follower has a negative connotation, especially in the U.S., but they are not “passive recipients of the leader’s influence” they have an active role in the give and take relationship (Leroy, Aneseel, Gardener & Sels, 2015, p. 1681). It is observed that leaders’ strategic roles frequently reflect a high status with control over resources that cross boundaries while followers have lower status, less control over resources, and fill a narrow operational role (Manning & Robertson, 2016). Leaders cannot exist without followers and vice versa. Globalization has led to a “smaller” world where connections are made and relationships maintained over great distances. Due to the diversity and differences in cultures, it is important for individuals to respect others and to be authentic. Authenticity in leaders and followers
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