Organizations for People Fifty and Over Today

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I believe that AARP is one of the leading organizations for people fifty and over today and known worldwide. The initial process that brought this powerful group forward was the idea of Dr.Ethyl Percy. Dr. Percy is an important figure for retired teachers in the 1940’s (International Directory of Company Histories, 2009). Dr. Percy, is reflected as being the main female in history that led a high school platform as principle (International Directory of Company Histories, 2009). As retirement came forward, Dr. Percy had an interest in the well-being of colleagues that retired as she, and had little means to live on. With this in mind, Dr.Percy initialized the National Retired Teachers Association beginning in 1947(International Directory of Company Histories, 2009). This tremendous woman added a living structure for the retired teachers and provided a nursing home, which she alone began. Dr. Percy joined forces with a gentleman named Leonard Davis, in the event that health insurance was in need to help pay for the facility. The Continental Casualty Company, which Mr. Davis was associated with, began enrolling these retired teachers in need and opened up the first policy for them in 1956(International Directory of Company Histories, 2009). The proceeds were great as policies distributed through the mail, and monetary proceeds began to add up very quickly. Dr. Percy again paired up with Leonard Davis and invested excess proceeds gained from Leonard Davis and hence, AARP was a
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