Organizations must have Great Leadership

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It is impossible for business, government, non-profits and any other organizations to lack of leaders. If the organization lacks of leaders, it will be messy and inefficient. As a result, an outstanding leader is very important to organization.
In order to minimize the cost and achieve the goal, leadership is a process of improving the efficiency of the group. That means the efficient leadership may balance relationship between individual and group, control and coordinate resource.
Consequently, this study will research and study efficient and effective leadership by review three important theories and then discuss leadership and future development.
Literature Review
In Andy’s paper, article claims every theory has an effect on that time. (Andy T, 2011) leadership theory will help us understand how to analysis leadership and summary efficient leadership.
Great Man Theories and Trait Theory
The Great Man theory is a 19th-century idea. According to history, it shows that "great men" has higher influence on a group. This theory led to the Trait Theories. Trait theory is an approach to the study of human personality, and it shows trait can be defined by several factors, such as habitual patterns of behavior, thought, and emotion. In the trait theory, personality is very important for a leader and some main leadership and skills are necessary for a good leader, such as adaptable to situation, assertive, and cooperative, etc.
Behavioral theories
This theory is based on the idea
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