Organize Crime Committed by a Group

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Organized crime can also be associated with Racketeering, which means the association or involvement in any illegal actions that is criminal. Racketeering can be displayed as having an illegal business, threat involving murder, extortion, kidnapping, bribery, counterfeiting, mail or wire fraud, white slave traffic, drug trafficking, money laundering, illegal gambling information, embezzlement from pension and welfare funds, and or even obstruction of justice or criminal investigation. Over the years nationally, the phenomenon of organized crime have gotten worse nationally. So in 2000 the United Nations decided to broaden the definition to label the most serious committing crimes that are transnational in nature; nationwide to cover more unfamiliar criminal groups such as mafia type of organizations. A transnational or international crime would be a crime that is committed in more than one state, committed in one state but part of its planning or control takes place in another state, or a crime can be done in one state but involves a criminal group that takes part in illegal activities in more than one state. Some examples of transnational offenses are insurance fraud, fraudulent…
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