Organized Chaos

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Society, on the outside, is organized chaos. Take Chicago for instance, if we removed rules and time, it would be in turmoil. Crime, chaos, disorder; the city would not last more than aday. If we add in laws, and enforced them with police, much of that chaos would subside. However, the city would still crumble, and again, would die within the first 24 hours. The fundamental rule which keeps a society together is time. Time holds society together, but in doing so controls what we can and cannot achieve in our short lives.
If humans never accepted the concept of time, how would we function? We take for granted that when we are told to be somewhere, that we are also given a time to be there. I can lay out my Mondays by just using times. Wake
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They were either walking someplace, or idling on the sidewalk looking at their phone. Every person has reason for doing what they are doing, but in the end, what they are doing is controlled by time. I was one of those people who was controlled by time. My group had just left the giant mirrored bean, and were headed to an ice cream shop. It was late and we were tired. Which meant that we wanted to get there quickly, so that we could then leave and go back to the house at a reasonable time. The people walking past me had their own motive for where they were going and for what reason, and it too was controlled by time. Maybe the well-dressed business man that ran past me was going to his meeting, but was already five minutes late. Or the man sitting on the railing was preparing to meet his date at the bar, but was five minutes early so he decided to use the time to relax. Time works to make us prioritize our actions, and to do so within an amount of time. This keeps society controlled and together, unless, someone has poor time management and is late for their important…show more content…
It controls our objectives in life. When were young we have our whole life ahead of us. As a child I wanted to be a firefighter, and a train conductor. I also found an interest in computers, and spent hours a day dabbling in video games, getting good at one and then moving on to the next. Now I’m using my computer skills to work towards getting a degree in networking. The problem that I have is that I still do want to be a firefighter, and I still want to be a train conductor. If I could, I would play video games all day. Sadly I have had to prioritize my goals. Time keeps me from doing all that I wish I could do. If I were given a lifespan of three hundred years instead of the average eighty, I could probably achieve all these goals that I have. Instead, like all the other people on earth, I have to choose one goal and pursue
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