Organized Crime

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Introduction Organized crime can be a number of different types of things. According to Lyman & Potter, (2007), “The NCIS describes organized crime as having four salient attributes: An organized crime group contains at least three people; The criminal activity the group engages in is ongoing and indefinite in duration; The group is motivated by a desire for profit or power; and, The group commits serious criminal offenses”(p.15). The group we chose is the American Mafia families of New York City. This mafia family has been the top of organized crimes in New York City since 1930. There are five different families and they all have their own kind of power over the part of the city they live in. Organized Crime Group Analysis…show more content…
The mafia still worked to earn money, but the focus wasn’t geared entirely on what the next business venture would be. It was more of a power and respect issue early on. The same still holds true, but years ago, it meant more to the group to prove a point and throw around their weight. The groups didn’t care if they were seen and known. In present day, it is more beneficial for the organized groups to run efficiently, but more so behind closed doors. Some major interest that the American Mafia has been focused on is gambling, loan sharking with very high interest rates, prostitution, and drug distribution. Labor racketeering was another popular criminal activity. Members of the groups worked their way into positions of power in a labor union and then stole from the union’s retirement and health funds. (, 2010) Organized crime groups have become very business savvy and managed to masks their illegal activities behind very legitimate business fronts. There have been all types of business ventures that were financed with illegal monies from organized crime groups. In an article focusing on the Rochester Family of Rochester, New York, it detailed activities of Angelo Morachino. Morachino ran a construction company that specialized in fraudulent contracts and corrupting labor officials. Rosario Chirico, a member of the same mafia family, specialized in operating a stolen car ring and

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