Organized Crime Essay

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In our world, it’s obvious that there are things we never really see. For instance, we don’t know how lots of things are made, what people do behind closed doors, and never really want to find out. However, there is something that happens right in front of our noses and we never know it. Organized crime is the one thing that we don’t know about that happens right out in the open. That pizza joint you go to that’s been around for years, and then burns down when it starts to go under; or those people that look all innocent and then go and do something a little suspicious. Those are both small things that happen that involve organized crime. Organized crime is all around us and has a huge effect on how society runs and the way we live…show more content…
So, the orders must be followed, especially when they come from your superiors, regardless of how far they are away. Not only are the organizations huge, but they have some serious connections. Society today really has no clue just how many things they have their hands in. They profit when businesses profit. They have the connections to find out just about anything about you that they want to. If they were to interview you to join one of the gangs, it’s clear that “they know much more than they can talk about, for now.” (Grisham 9). Their connections go a long way in their operations. When they need money, they just “rob the airport, the security guy was one of us” (Goodfellas). However, some of the mobsters have much better connections than others. The higher up you are on the food chain, the more connections you have. However, when one tries and stretch their connections, they “go off the books, and make them unknown to their superiors.” (New York Times). This is how they crash and burn, and sometimes get killed. No one likes to have their power tested, or to lose the connections that certain men lost out of their own personal greed. Oftentimes, gangs use their connections for surveillance, not only to scope out new jobs or deals, but on their own men. They have special people to “up it to 24-hour

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